Millennial gives his grandparents a crash course on NSFW dating terms

Our senior citizens may be blessed with virtually infinite wisdom, but they’ve probably never read Urban Dictionary.

Fortunately, Ethan Cole, the Lothario behind the YouTube channel Young Old, is here to explain the millennial lexicon to our elderly companions. In this video, part of Ethan’s series, “Explaining Things to My Grandpa,” our young host explains the concept of “cockblocking” to his grandpa Joe.

Joe initially thought the term meant “cutting off somebody’s penis” (which is sort of right, in a metaphorical, vaguely misogynistic sense).

Things take a turn for the worse when Ethan goes on to explain the concept to his grandmother, Lil, who proceeds to call several of his friends and demand that they stop cockblocking her grandson. Even Grandpa Joe lends a hand.

“He’s not very bright, he’s not very good-looking, and he doesn’t need that kind of competition,” Grandpa Joe explains.

With both of his grandparents now threatening his friends with “repercussions,” it’s safe to say that Ethan won’t have to worry about being cockblocked anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like he may have also sacrificed another dating-world concept in the process: the wingman.

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Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

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