thesis photo shoot

Photo via iwanttobeanastronaut/Imgur

It’s so hard to let go.

Completing your graduate thesis at MIT is no mean feat. Cruel professors, sleepless nights, crying episodes where you can’t help but wonder if any good will come of all your dedication and perseverance—the college struggle is very real. Your boyfriend might even try to delete your work!

But despite all the challenges, it’s hard to say goodbye at the end, which this guy managed to perfectly convey in a photo shoot with his thesis.

Morris Vanegas turned in his thesis on Thursday, but not before looking back on all that he and the paper endured together—and sharing it with the Internet. 

From knocking back beers together (this is easily the coolest thesis of all time, solely because it enjoys a good IPA) to reminiscing on late nights and looming deadline, Vanegas humorously captures the joy, frustration and sadness that comes with successfully completing your graduate school program.

“Your sense of humor is just like mine. It’s like we were always on the same page,” Vanegas punningly wrote to his masterpiece.

So congratulations Vanegas. We hope to see your paper referenced in writings for years to come.

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