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Can you make it through the Google Street View corn maze?

Finally, a time-wasting activity on the Interent.


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

Here’s a perfect virtual activity for the waning days of Autumn: Walk through an actual corn maze located in Edmonton, Canada thanks to the power Google Street View.

No longer do you have to put up with confused navigators, chilly weather, and creepy, monotone children with glowing yellow eyes! (Though let’s hope you don’t stumble across any murders.) All you need is a computer, a lot of patience, and a willingness to develop mouse-related carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to signage at the start of the maze, the goal is to locate the bridge in the middle of the endless array of cornstalks. Naturally, we decided to tackle the challenge for ourselves.

Imagine our disappointment upon realizing that using the overhead map as a guide didn’t work out so well.

Take the wrong path from the start—like we did—and you’ll quickly be turned around.

Signs in the corn maze give you clues about what direction to take. They appear to be more effective for in-person visitors.

It’s a good thing that claustrophobia doesn’t carry over into an online environment.

Could…could it be?

Hooray! Salvation! We win imaginary Internet points!

H/T CNet | All photos by Kyle Giesbrecht/Google Street View

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