These geese march to the beat of their own drum

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Elephants aren’t the only ones on parade.

Tourists and people out and about in Heerewaarden, the Netherlands, were recently treated to a literal parade of geese. It’s not just that they were walking together in an adorable little group, many of them impressively in-step. A drum major with a glockenspiel led the profession while a drummer, who played a snare drum, blocks, and a bass, trailed the procession—on purpose.

De Ganzenfanfare, which is on the back of the drum, roughly translates to “geese fanfare.”

This is hardly the first parade of geese to hit YouTube. Back in 2011, another comparable video went viral, gaining over 1.3 million views. It’s a different duo playing the music, but they certainly had the same idea.

And as one redditor demonstrated by linking to almost five dozen separate videos of geese parades throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, it’s been something occurring for quite some time. It should be enough to send you down a goose-sized rabbit hole for the morning.

According to, the geese parade has its origins in “the age-old tradition of goose herding,” and they perform at just about every occasion.

So now you know what to get for that friend’s upcoming wedding.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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