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Please stop asking The Mountain to gouge out your eyes (he probably won’t do it)

Of course, it never hurts to ask.


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Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, AKA Ser Gregor Clegane on Game of Thrones (AKA The Mountain), gets asked the question all the time. Hey, The Mountain, would you mind, kind sir, if you could make my eyes pop out of my head?

The reason why is simple. This is what The Mountain did to Prince Oberyn in season 4. Note: In case you’ve forgotten, the video below is awfully violent.

Apparently, some people want to experience what the prince felt.

“I get a lot of requests fans asking if I want to squeeze their eyes,” Björnsson told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s very popular. Or pick them up over head. But the most popular [is] to squeeze their eyes out.”

Well, does Björnsson at least lift them up over his head? Sadly, the answer is no.

“I have had to say no because if I’m going to lift one person then so many others are going to ask to be lifted too,” he said. “If it’s just one person, OK, but it’s crowded then I know others are going to ask. You have to try to be fair to everyone, you know.”

So if you’re ever around The Mountain, you can expect to keep your feet on the ground and your eyeballs in their sockets. But there’s always the possibility of more extreme violence, especially if we ever get to actually see the Cleganebowl.

“That’s definitely something I would like to see,” he said. “And for most of the fans, it’s something they’re all waiting for. It looks like it’s going to go that way, but who knows? … I haven’t seen it yet in my head how I would kill him, but somehow I would smash his head or kill him like that. I think the fight would be quick rather than something long. I think people would be expecting a big fight but I would finish him really fast. It would be a surprise to people.”

Hopefully, though, The Hound would get to keep his eyes.

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