Awesome dad lip-synchs to ‘Frozen’ song with his little girl

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Dads will do anything for their little girls. 

Everyone knows daddies can be suckers for the whims of their little girls. She wants to go to the zoo? Of course. She wants to paint your nails? Well, OK. She wants to have ice cream for dinner. All right, but don’t tell Mommy.

But a guy named Alex is scoring all kinds of extra dad points, helping his little girl Jade recreate a scene from Frozen. In this meltingly adorable video, Jade, dressed up in her Disney princess best, lip-syncs to “Love Is an Open Door” with her dear old dad.

Fathers may be suckers for their little girls, but it seems we’re suckers for adorable videos of little ladies hanging out with their dads.

Screengrab via Shelly Stephenson/YouTube

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