Now this is a story all about how C-SPAN got trolled by a ‘Fresh Prince’ clown

The tale told in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘s theme song is a classic story as old as millennial time. And on Wednesday night, it got a fresh retelling in an unlikely place. 

Pedro Echevarria, the host of C-SPAN‘s Washington Journal, opened up the phone lines for viewers to weigh in on an important question: How much influence should Congress have over U.S. negotiations with Iran?

What he got from one caller was a ’90s theme song all about how the caller’s life got flipped, turned upside-down.

The mysterious caller used the name Jack Strickland and called in on the Republican line. His slow reveal is to be applauded. Pure poetry, to be honest.

“Strickland” is actually a notorious C-SPAN troll who uploads his conquests to his YouTube channel. Here he is telling a C-SPAN morning host to fellate him in December.

A true patriot if ever there were one.

H/T Chris Moody | Screengrab via C-SPAN

Myles Tanzer

Myles Tanzer

Myles Tanzer is a former contributor to the Daily Dot with an emphasis on technology and viral news. He is currently the Fader's news editor, having previously written and edited for Vogue, BuzzFeed, and Gawker.