What Floyd Mayweather could have bought with the $5 million he spent on a car

Floyd Mayweather made at least $220 million off his fight against Manny Pacquiao in May, so forgive the man if he wants to spend a little money on a new car. And by “a little money” we mean “a small island nation’s GDP.”

Forbes’ highest-paid athlete of 2015 recently spent nearly $5 million on a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. One reason the price tag is so high? There are only two of these cars in existence.

So, what’s the deal with this vehicle?

As Koenigsegg explains, “For the Trevita, Koenigsegg developed something truly special. This is not paint. It’s not a tint. It’s actually white carbon fiber that shines like millions of diamonds when the sun hits the car. It’s a manufacturing technique developed by Koenigsegg especially for this limited edition range. It’s a stunning visual effect and one that Koenigsegg is unlikely to ever produce again …”

It also goes from 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, and its top speed is 254 mph.

OK, pretty cool. But let’s compare Mayweather’s purchase to other things he could have bought with the $4.8 million he spent on a car he probably doesn’t need (and seriously, how often is he going to take this uber-expensive car on the street, let alone entrust it to some valet?).

Instead of buying a Koenigsegg Trevita, here’s how many items of varying luxury and cachet Mayweather could—and maybe should—have afforded with his $4.8 million.

Tesla X (base MSRP of $80,000): 60

18K gold Apple Watch Edition smartwatch: 282

Stephen Colbert’s daily salary: 381 days

2000 Chevy Cavalier with 156,000 miles: 2,213

Desktop jellyfish aquarium: 11,594

Beats by Dre headphones: 24,000

Star Trek: The Next Generation pajama set: 120,000

Beats by Dre headphones at the reported cost it takes to produce them: 342,857

Sausage McMuffins from McDonald’s: 4.03 million

Of course, it is still possible for Mayweather to buy any and all of the above items. For proof, just look at him packing for a recent trip:

I’m gonna just pack light for this trip #AirMayweather Photo credit: @thatjessilee www.themoneyteam.com

A photo posted by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on

Photo via Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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