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Movie titles as dialogue makes for a fantastic new meme

Movie titles are great, but when characters say ’em? It’s even better.


David Covucci

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Quick, what’s the greatest line ever uttered in the history of cinema?

You might think this is a difficult debate full of numerous acceptable choices, but it’s not.

It’s in The Italian Job, when Mark Wahlberg says, “We’ll do it like we did the Italian job.”

Perfect. It’s succinct, it’s powerful, and best of all, it uses the name of the movie. That’s the best part of any movie, of course, when a character says the movies name. Admit it. You enjoyed this supercut.

Which is why this new Twitter account, @Saythetitle, is so great. It posts movie stills of shots where characters in the movie say the movie title.

It’s perfect.

But see if you can see what’s wrong with them.

Here’s E.T.

And The Searchers.

And The Fly.

And Top Gun.

Do you see what’s up?

They’re not real quotes!

That’s the joke. But it’s fantastic. Imagine Robert DeNiro saying this.

Or Peter Sellers.

Or Uma Thurman.

FUCK O-REN? Yea, I can see that. And what about Spike Lee’s iconic movie Do the Right Thing? Did they do the right thing?

They did not.

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain.

Harrison Ford in Air Force One.

Or Denzel Washington in Malcolm X. 

And Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

Clarke Gable in Gone With the Wind nails it here.

But the kicker is Jaws.


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