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Facebook deleted a famous painting because it hates blowjobs

No chill.


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

Is Facebook run by a bunch of prudish philistines? To hear the Philadelphia Museum of Art tell it, almost certainly yes.

The august institution recently posted—well, reposted—Ice Cream, a 1964 piece by Evelyne Axell that has certain sexual overtones. Even so, Facebook’s rationale for removing it the first time was laughable.

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In case it wasn’t clear that the museum was dunking on the social network for its cultural illiteracy, they also made Ice Cream their cover photo.

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And you know who doesn’t have a problem with this painting? Other Internet companies! Over at Spotify, you can listen to Wildewoman, a damn good Lucius album from 2014 that uses Axell’s work for a cover.  

So the next time you want to censor great art, Facebook, do us all a favor and binge-watch some Bob Ross until you come to your senses.

H/T | Photo via Philadelphia Museum of Art/Facebook 

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