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Experts warn effects of a cyberbullying trend called ‘roasting’

Things are getting pretty heated.


Kristen Hubby

Internet Culture

People are getting their panties in a bunch over the exchange of memes and a few playful words, as digital safety experts deem ‘roasting’ the new cyberbullying craze leading teenagers to “crack.”

Girls across the United Kingdom—and everywhere else in the world— are “verbally abusing” boys on the internet with the creation of memes, or simply making fun of them endlessly until they just can’t take it anymore. Boys will then fire back, causing a war between the young and the restless.

The term ‘roasting’ is taking place of the word bullying for some people, and it seems everyone forgot the word “growing up.”

It is obvious girls have had enough, and are finally taking a stand against the puberty-ridden shit heads that always tried to pop our bra in the middle of the lunchroom. However, “experts” certainly don’t agree with the ones who created the game.

According to the Telegraph, Charlotte Robertson, of online safety consultant’s Digital Awareness UK, says that roasting is prominent among kids in schools across the country. Kids are creating “nasty memes” to target their opponent. 

“Roasting is done under the guise of good humor, which is why it is so dangerous because it is often done among friends,” Robertson said. “Someone would just lay into someone else and completely humiliate them but do it in a way that’s portrayed as humorous – a level up from banter.”

It seems like these “experts” need a good roasting themselves, or maybe this is their way of letting their past grudges out from their high school days.  

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