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Avengers fans were not prepared for how hot Ultron is

It's Secretary all over again.


Aja Romano

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Posted on Oct 23, 2014   Updated on May 30, 2021, 8:37 am CDT

Since Wednesday night’s surprise leak of the Age of Ultron trailer, the Avengers fandom has been going nuts—and probably not for any of the normal reasons you’d expect.

We’ll just be blunt: At the moment there seems to be a bit of an obsession with hot robot (insert descriptor of your choice).

James Spader’s voice can make anything sexy, even an evil robot. Or, perhaps, since this is fandom we’re dealing with, we should say: especially an evil robot.

GIF via chopped-arms-of-comics


welcome to robosexuality Avengers fandom I will see you all in robot hell


me, knocking on your door: Yes, hello sir I was wondering if you had a few moments to talk about our lord and savior, the glorious Ultron?


I want Ultron to untangle my strings.

GIF via tellinpa

Fans are gearing up for an invasion of robot shipping after the exploits of Ultron in the new trailer. If you’re an all-Ultron, all-the-time kind of fan, Tumblr user the-comics-sans has helpfully created an Ultron-only edit of the trailer. Or you can just cruise the Ultron tag on Tumblr until you question your sanity. 

Indeed, Tumblr users may be having a little trouble coping with how hot they find the latest Marvel Studios villain. This shouldn’t be surprising, given how hot they found the old one, but Spader seems to have taken everyone by surprise.

screengrab between two tumblr users discussing how mad they are that ultron is ridiculously hot. "II'M SO MAD ABOUT THIS HE'S REALLY RIDICULOUSLY HOT." response: "I'M SO PISSED BECAUSE FUCK ULTRON BUT ALSO *FUCK ULTRON*."
Screengrab via pinstripesuit

screengrab of tumblr post joking that Avengers' fandom reaction to the Age of Ultron trailer is: "i'm gonna fUCK THAT ROBOT." Followed by tag predicting tony-ultron porn.
Screengrab via acemonsterface

Screengrab via voodoodal

Then again, given that Marvel fandom is a sci-fi fandom, and sci-fi geeks tend to, well, geek out over things like shiny evil sentient tech. Can you blame them? He is really shiny.

GIF via tellinpa

And red-eyed and demonic and terrifying and, er…

GIF via demonsee

“Mark me down as scared AND horny,” notes one Tumblr user, adding “James Spader’s Ultron voice does *things* to me.”

You and the rest of us, pal—though the robot thing is new.

Because we know Ultron is an accidental creation of Tony Stark, we’re bound to be getting at least a smattering of terrifying Ultron/Tony (Iron Man suit optional). After all, Avengers fandom is no stranger to sentient A.I. sex—we read plenty of Tony/Jarvis shortly after the first Iron Man.

“Think of all about the influx of robo porn we are going to get when AOU comes out,” an anonymous Tumblr user excitedly commented to our friend therealeepsix. Deepsix sagely replied:

WE CAN ONLY HOPE. but I mean, I’m not holding my breath, because there was NOWHERE NEAR as much robo porn as I hoped for after Cap 2 and sitting on the sidelines of Mass Effect fandom has taught me that even when given a choice to make EVERYTHING ROBOTS, MOST PEOPLE WILL DECLINE TO DO SO, WHICH IS SO WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL.

Despite Deepsix’s open invitation to make everything robots, other corners of Tumblr seemed to be side-eyeing the new robosexual movement.


Screengrab via spoopysoldiers

OK, so maybe we’re not ready to welcome an Asimov-style robot army just yet. But all this excitement about Ultron makes us really excited for the movie.

Not to mention that all the glimpses we see in the trailer of the Avengers team—Cap’s broken shield, Natasha looking grim, Bruce trying not to hulk out, and Thor putting Stark in a chokehold—make it clear that Ultron is going to wreak just as much havoc on each of them as he has with all of our hearts.

Screengrab via Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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*First Published: Oct 23, 2014, 5:07 pm CDT