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Everyone in California was apparently on the toilet during a recent earthquake

Every day I’m rumblin’.


Miles Klee

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Late Tuesday afternoon, a 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck California’s Central Valley—small by West Coast standards, but certainly big enough to make an impression. No damage was immediately reported.

It’s in times of great upheaval that we must count our blessings, for not only were we safe, but we also weren’t on the toilet when the shit went down.

Oh, but @jay_is_dope, we needn’t wonder that. And @AlexaTillet, your hopes are noted—but they were always destined to be dashed. Because literally every person in California was taking a shit during the earthquake.

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Look, we can’t say for sure how many of these people were actually shitting during the great 4.8-er of February 2016. But honestly? I’d guess most of them. And as a side note: If you’re lying about taking a shit during an earthquake, I’m really disappointed in you. 

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Anyway, glad we’re all safe and able to tweet about this. Sure, shit is funny, but when it’s you caught with your pants down, you’ll realize…  

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Photo via Ray Bouknight/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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