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America’s most shameful Google searches, state by state

Was that the best you could do, Florida?


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

We already know how we search for Internet porn by state. But if you wanted to learn something even more embarrassing about the state in which you reside, Estately Blog has you covered.

Heroically, the folks at this real estate website researched 11 years of Google search information to find “which terms users in each state Googled more than any other.” Then they highlighted the most embarrassing or shameful terms and gave them to the Internet in this handy map.

Peruse at your convenience, and make sure to check for your home state, the state in which you currently reside, and the states in which your in-laws were born to see what residents are keen to learn about. 


A few questions/observations:

  • Even people in Massachusetts think a Tom Brady “deflated balls” gag is pretty funny.
  • Why is North Dakota so enamored with Limp Bizkit? Perhaps the entire state is still buzzing over the concert the Fred Durst-led nu metal band performed in September 2014. Either that or—and hopefully this is the case—North Dakotans are searching: “Best way to destroy all my Limp Bizkit CDs.”
  • Ideally, Georgia and Alabama never mix up their recipes.
  • Anybody else disappointed at how boring Florida’s term is?
  • No surprise that the smallest state in the union is worried about penis size.

Estately breaks down its findings like this: “The Pacific and Mountain West are lands filled with nerds, the South is insecure about its manhood, states in the Appalachian Mountains are concerned about various vermin on their bodies, and the Midwest has terrible taste in movies.”

Anything else that was weird about this map? Estately commented: “Strangely, only Delaware was relatively free of embarrassing search terms, which is obviously a red flag that our study is flawed.”

Either way, it’s great news for Delawarean Joe Biden, because if he decides to run for president, nobody will find anything weird about his past.

H/T Death and Taxes | Photo via Estately

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