elephant pool party

Screengrab via SHAWN/YouTube

Look at the little ones!

These elephants better be careful because it doesn’t look like there’s a lifeguard on duty.

A family staying at a house in the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve were baffled as to why their pool was always half-empty in the mornings. They figured it out when they were chilling poolside and a group of thirsty elephants showed up. The area was going through a severe drought, so the long-nosed animals were just trying to get a drink.

The video was originally posted in April but is now making the rounds again—probably since we totally get these elephants due to the summer’s hot weather.

The baby elephants with their tiny trunks are obviously totally adorable. But if you listen closely, you can hear a kid in the background worried about all the water being taken. Meanwhile, the adults are just mesmerized by the beauty of nature. 

Party crashers are usually unwelcome, but elephants are excused. 

H/T Arbroath 

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