Electric Fence Bike Video

Screengrab via Big DT / YouTube

It’s Benny Hill meets Ben Franklin.

It’s hard to remember what does and doesn’t conduct electricity.

Metal? Definitely. 

Rubber? Allegedly not. 

Wood? Not even Tesla himself is sure. 

Three British men got to learn through experimentation as they attempted to untangle a bike which got caught in an electric fence. 

It’s like Benny Hill meets Ben Franklin. 

Touching the wheel gets them shocked, grabbing the metal gets them shocked, and using a stick gets them shocked as well.

They are pretty much oh-for-every effort.  

There’s no explaining why they didn’t simply contact the owner of the fence (electric fences don’t just sprout up in the wild), but they didn’t, and instead spend three minutes learning what it feels like to get repeatedly shocked. 

Not great, as you can see. 

What this video will teach you is perseverance. Because unlike a dog who gives up on his dreams of squirrel catching after one run-in with an Invisible Fence, these men manage to free their bike. 

For that, they should be commended. 


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