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Malfoy-esque voter draws Trump meme.

On Monday morning, CNN interviewed a couple of first-time voters, including a young, blond Republican who put viewers in mind of every snide, privileged teen boy in fiction. Tom Crean, who is legally old enough to vote, says he plans to exercise his privilege in favor of Donald Trump, the candidate whose views and hairstyle most resemble his own.

Crean, a member of the George Washington Young Republicans, has been viciously owned with repeated comparisons to Draco Malfoy, a member of House Slytherin. 

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And if not Malfoy, he’s that shining example of benevolent wealth-hoarders, Richard “Richie” $ Rich, Jr. Although Richie was forever young in his comics and cartoons, it seems he’s now old enough to cast his first vote for a fellow billionaire. 

What Rich—I mean, “Tom Crean,” would like CNN to know is that he finds Trump to be a “compassionate” genius whose apparent faults are all a ruse created by his many political enemies. Unlike the majority of his fellow millennials, Malfoy is apparently able to see through the conjurations of the dark wizard Clinton and discern what’s really in Trump’s heart.

J.K. Rowling has already equated Trump to Voldemort, so it’s not like this is even a step down for the 2016 election discourse.

It will all be over soon. 

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