Donald Trump had an awkward time at Argentina's G20 summit.

G20 Argentina/Flickr (CC-BY)

Trump did not have a good time at Argentina’s G20

His mind is clearly elsewhere.


Ana Valens

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Argentina hosted this year’s G20 summit, and while President Donald Trump attended, he clearly wasn’t having fun during his trip.

Trump’s problems started after he met with Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri on Friday. He insisted that he could understand President Macri better in Spanish than his English translation. (Trump does not speak Spanish.) He proceeded to drop his headpiece to the ground as an aide sheepishly walked onstage to pick it up.

He then spoke about the “great job, successful job, a very big job” he did after purchasing Manhattan’s West Side railroad yard from Macri’s father. He also suggested the Argentine president “was a very young man, very handsome man,” implying Macri is neither young nor handsome anymore.

“Little did I know that his son would become a president,” Trump said. “And little did you realize that I was going to become president.”

That wasn’t the end for Trump. As Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud shared a high five, Trump wandered through a sea of world leaders seemingly lost, confused, aimless.

But nothing compares to Trump’s shining moment, where he abandoned Argentina’s president while onstage in an apparent attempt to flee his presidential duties as fast as possible. An aide quickly chased after the president, after which a hot mic caught Trump muttering “get me outta here.”

Trump did not seem to enjoy his time in Buenos Aires.

Some think the Russia investigation has Trump so unnerved that he’s struggling to function.

Others pointed out that this is just Trump’s normal behavior during diplomatic functions: awkward and bizarrely self-centered.


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