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The strange beauty and profound surrealism in ‘Dog of Wisdom’

Stop what you’re doing and watch this clip.


David Britton

Internet Culture

Salvador Dali never painted bunnies and Man Ray never produced a kitten calendar. (That we know of.) But if you like your surrealism adorable look no further than YouTube animator Joe Gran’s Dog of Wisdom. A video gift from the Internet gods, sent to enlighten the world.

We start with an animation of a dachshund flying a small red plane. He is speaking a language that’s either newly invented or long dead. Not to worry though—a translation into English is provided. We learn quickly that his name is “The Dog” and that everybody loves him. 

He seems smart (after all, how many dogs can fly planes?) but as any level-one Dungeons & Dragons player will tell you, intelligence and wisdom are not the same.

Luckily he soon meets the Dog of Wisdom and learns what he calls “a good wisdom.” We agree, although perhaps the knock-knock joke that follows is even better.

Naturally it ends with them singing the theme from ’80s superhero sitcom The Greatest American Hero, because, you know, why not?

For his part Gran is far from a one-hit wonder—he’s been doing weird stuff for a while on his page. You can support his creative endeavors via Patreon. And man is a lot of it great.

Dog of Wisdom, however, is definitely his breakout masterpiece.

Screengrab via Joe/YouTube

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