Dogs doing the ice bucket challenge? No, stop this, it’s gone too far

st. bernard dog in water

Cats would never be this charitable. 

In the weeks since the ALS ice bucket challenge has entered the zeitgeist (and all of our respective News Feeds), it seems as if the entirety of humanity has been nominated to dump a chilly bucket of water on their heads. For those late to the polar party, the list of those yet to be nominate had dwindled to nearly zero, leaving few options in terms of nominees. 

But leave it to man’s best friend to step up to the plate. Though dogs might not have any money to donate, what stands out is their valor and courage as they humbly accept a bucket of water to the head in the name of charity. Take a note, cats. This is how you do the ice bucket challenge. 

Photo via familymwr/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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