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White woman flamed for adding dog hair into her dreadlocks

'This is the whitest thing ever put on social media.'

Sep 6, 2020, 12:08 pm

Internet Culture


Kahron Spearman

A white woman is getting torched online for somehow making cultural appropriation worse by adding dog hair into the mix.

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An extremely well-meaning woman, Tara Hartten, went into a Philadelphia hair and dreadlock salon, Rebel Rebel, and asked for her dog's hair to be added into one of her dreadlocks.

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According to an Instagram post by Criss Rajczy, a hairstylist at Rebel Rebel, the woman wanted to "have a little bit of him with me wherever i go."

Rajczy obliged and explained in her post how she accomplished this unusual task. 

"I did intitially attempt to create an extension with his hair, however the hairs themselves were super short and extraordinarily fine so they wouldn't matt up and stay together," she wrote. "What you see here is hair that has been felted into the end of her dense dreadlock end. not sure how long these hairs will stay in, but i have a feeling if she palm rolls this enough they will eventually be locked in. time will tell... but at least she has a little bit of him for awhile."

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The post was later reposted to Twitter, arguably the more savage platform, and it went viral, with people absolutely destroying the women. "This is why nonblack people don’t need locs," one viral tweet featuring the post read.

Another called it "the whitest thing ever put on social media."

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One poster (@GoldenLexis) explored the post's comments section and came away "horrified." @GoldenLexis discovered that this was not the first time dog hair was added into someone's dreadlocks. Not only has Rajczy incorporated dog hair into someone's dreadlocks before, but she has also incorporated other family members' hair and horsehair for past clients.

For most, the idea someone would purposefully walk into a salon, with a baggie of dog hair, and ask for this was an act of violence in an of itself.

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"ok yea dreads and white mon bad, but like... this person... walked into a salon and PAID... to have dog hair... put into their dread.... what kind of ppl am i coexisting with," tweeted @isthisjune
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Another user, @_tenderqueer, attempted to explain how exactly this makes cultural appropriation "10 times worse."

"I mean obviously you can't have proper dreads when you're white, but adding dog hair to your gross, matted, culturally appropriated hairstyle just makes it ten times worse"

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2020, 12:08 pm