DJ Khaled son Asahd

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DJ Khaled’s son Asahd is 5 months old, and he’s already a meme icon

All little Asahd does is win.


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DJ Khaled, the hitmaker who holds the major keys to success in life and refuses to do anything but win, is also the cutest dad on the internet. His son, Asahd, is just 5 months old, but he already has his own Instagram account, and his interactions with his dad are what the kids call “goals.”

Khaled has already set up Ahsad as a young mogul, naming him executive producer of his new album, and the online persona he’s created for the kid reflects that. Here’s Asahd hanging out with Nicki Minaj because “ICONS HANG WIT ICONS !”

Here he is in his own Ferrari:

Here are his exclusive baby Yeezy Boosts:

And here’s his first single:

Asahd might be a baby, but he’s already a giant. And that’s why he’s already a meme. The main joke about Asahd is that he wants to be a regular kid, but he’s already a grown-ass adult who grinds hard every day.

And lately, fans have been speculating about what Asahd’s first words might be:

Yeah, the internet has jokes, but they also envy the supportive relationship between Khaled and Asahd. DJ Khaled is so good at affirmations and uplifting sentiments that there’s a whole video you can watch whenever you need some encouragement. If only every kid had a father holding him up like that!

Sorry, other dads. DJ Khaled is the internet’s dad now.

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