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Betsy DeVos spends first day on new education job unable to find pencils

The grizzlies probably took them.


Lauren L'Amie

Internet Culture

In a move she probably stole from the president, newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ended day one in her new office Wednesday with a very bad tweet.  

When DeVos was confirmed Tuesday after a historic 51-50 vote, the internet exploded with reactions condemning her and loud public opposition.

The confirmation came after Vice President Mike Pence was required to cast a tie-breaking vote, making DeVos the first cabinet nominee in history to need that measure. 

But since she apparently can’t find her pencils after her first day in charge of the office that controls public schools and federal student aid, the Twitterverse is here help.

At least some of the kids in high school will be eligible to vote by the time her first term is up. 

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