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Demi Adejuyigbe’s latest ‘September’ video is his most ambitious yet

He also says it's his last.


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Posted on Sep 21, 2021   Updated on Sep 21, 2021, 1:44 pm CDT

For the past several years, Sept. 21 has been no ordinary day thanks to Demi Adejuyigbe (whose writing credits include The Amber Ruffin Show and The Good Place) posting his annual video celebrating Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” (and Sept. 21 as a whole). But Adejuyigbe’s latest rendition is his most ambitious yet, complete with visual tricks, a huge dance number, a chatty puppet, and a very special cameo.

Even before the newest video debuted, Adejuyigbe built up anticipation with a preview reminding us that one of the few great days on the internet would soon arrive. The video’s only 30 seconds long, but it features two very important things. One, Adejuyigbe is playing the chorus of “September” on the violin, and he revealed when the video would debut at 9:21am PT.

The actual upload took a little bit longer than anticipated, but soon enough, Adejuyigbe delivered—and it was absolutely worth the wait.

At over eight minutes and 18 seconds, people were treated to the most extravagant entry in Adejuyigbe’s “September” series yet. Aas the video shows, it’s not just about the chorus; there’s much more song to enjoy The video managed to reference a debate over the end of Grease, included a meta-conversation about the popularity of his “September” videos and just how he’s become associated with the song, turned a bathroom into an elaborate dance floor. It ended not just with a dance number that would fit right with an old musical but also a recreation of Grease’s ending.

Last year, Adejuyigbe used his video as an incentive to raise money for several charities (and pledged to make another one this year if he reached his $50,000 goal, which was met quickly). While Adejuyigbe insists that he’s done with the videos after this year while conversing with a puppet, he is still offering people incentives to donate to West Fund, the Sunrise Movement, and Imagine Water Works. He’s also raffling off a painting of the Sept. 21 jersey that he wears in the video (every $10 you donate gets you a ticket), and with every $100,000 he raises, he’ll raffle one of the actual jerseys from the video. As of press time, Adjuyigbe has already raised over $278,000.

“I have enjoyed making these videos in between the bouts of screaming and stressing and absolutely dreading making these videos, and even though I am done making them, I am happy to see what good they’ve done and how much you’ve all enjoyed them. :) May September 21st live forever in your hearts!!!!!!!,” he wrote.

If this is truly Adejuyigbe’s final “September” video, he is certainly going out on a high note. If you watch all the way through the credits, you’ll find appearances from Earth Wind & Fire as well as Amber Ruffin thanking him for years of entertainment and fundraisers.


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*First Published: Sep 21, 2021, 1:35 pm CDT