YouTuber builds miniature Death Star with 5,000 fireworks to celebrate 3 million subscribers

Some content creators make a short video when they hit major subscriber milestones, but when Colin Furze, YouTube’s mad scientist, reached 3 million subscribers, he decided to go with a much more explosive mode of celebration.

To mark the occasion, Furze built a miniature Death Star that held 58 boxes worth of fireworks, all of which were programmed to go off at the same time. He figured this involve a total of approximately 5,000 fireworks. Don’t worry, though—the Death Star is positioned 80 meters above the ground, so it can’t hurt him. It can only make us gaze in awe.

From there, it’s about 20 seconds of pure, sparkling goodness, and we’re now guaranteed disappointment the next time we see a fireworks display. But hey, at least we’ll always have this third rendition of a Death Star explosion.

H/T Sploid

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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