This rapper tattooed a hashtag on his face

A British rapper and reality star took his Twitter obsession to the next level with a new piece of ink—a hashtag tattoo on his face.

Naturally, Dappy, known for a song called “No Regrets,” posted a selfie of it to help explain his reasoning: “simply 2 make sure IT stays trending 4 ever.”

Sadly, Dappy is not even trending on Twitter, but of course, people are talking about it. How could they not? A few pedants have pointed out that Dappy actually just got the hash symbol tattooed on his face (and not an actual hashtag, e.g. #Dappy), but he’s mainly turned into the butt of people’s jokes.

And with talk that Twitter might get rid of hashtags, Dappy’s tattoo might soon become obsolete.

Also, doesn’t this guy look familiar?

H/T Independent | Photo via @TheDappy/Twitter

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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