Impossible quiz asks you to match those absurd WikiHow drawings to their articles

wikihow drawing of internet famous horse mask that loves cats


This is way harder than it should be.

WikiHow is a search-engine-optimized website devoted to explaining how to do various basic human tasks (and some complex ones), from fixing appliances to acting like anime characters. But even more bizarre than the instructions are the stylized illustrations that accompany them. 

Part of what makes WikiHow’s in-house illustrations so charming is their seeming detachment from the subject matter. Without the accompanying text, would you have any idea what these drawings were about? 

A fantastic quiz with the sick URL challenges you to find out. Here’s a drawing, and here are four WikiHow “How to” article titles. Good frickin’ luck, mate.

Damn, dog. That was basically impossible. A random guess would present a better chance than my failed attempt to reason it out. 

Now someone needs to make a WikiHow page called “How to Match a Random WikiHow Drawing to Its Article Title,” with a completely unrelated set of drawings.

Suggested step 1: Get high and play video games instead. This pursuit is hopeless.

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