Daily Fluff: Futuristic puppies sleep in adjacent pods

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Futuristic Puppies Sleep in Adjacent Pods
 In the...

Sammy and Wiggles are staff lecturers at the Rhode Island School of Design.

In the future, we’ll all sleep in giant egg-shaped pod beds.

At least, according to puppy futurists Sammy and Wiggles. The two dogs, who are staff lecturers at the Rhode Island School of Design, presented a paper at a conference in Düsseldorf, Germany today, in which they assert that within the next decade, humans (and puppies) will begin sleeping in special pressurized, sensory deprivation eggs. The puppies claim that the pods will help us live longer.

“But they won’t be for cats,” according to the paper. Cats already live a long time, write the pups, so this new technology will just level the playing field.

Via heinkel_bkk.

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