Daily Fluff: Local pug ready for picnic

Local Pug Ready for Picnic
 An area pug named...

One problem: It’s too stinkin’ cold.

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An area pug named Harriet is reportedly all ready for a picnic, but she may have to wait a while.

“Look, it’s adorable that she got out the wicker basket and she’s super cute sitting inside,” said roommate Lizzy Tempkins, who conceded that the dog’s salmon en croute is “to die for.” “But it’s just not picnic weather.”

The average high this week in Boston, MA where Harriet lives is just over 32° F, with snow in the forecast. Tempkins said she may entertain the idea of a picnic in April or May, depending on the weather, but not now with winter almost upon us.

“She can keep upping the cute level all she wants,” said Tempkins, “but this is New England, and we eat indoors in December.”

Via Melissa Santiago.

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