Area Cat Launches Jamba Juice Franchise
 If you...

Miraculously, another franchise doesn’t exist just up the block.

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If you ask Simone’s closest friends, they’ll tell you the cat has had a penchant for pureed fruits and vegetables for a long time.

“You wouldn’t think a cat would be into smoothies this much,” says Larry Gould. “But she is obsessed.”

The entrepreneurial kitty finally put her money where her tongue is and opened a Jamba Juice franchise in her neighborhood.

“There are no other smoothie or fro-yo places for miles. The location is very good,” says Melinda Canon, the VP of the local chamber of commerce, who assisted Simone with the required permits. “It’s the perfect kind of business to kick off ahead of the summer.”

Via Dmitry Guyvoronsky.

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