Brilliant Puppies Train at Home Via...

Sparky was among the first class of graduates, earning his obedience degree in five short weeks.

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Dog training can be a hassle. The books. The videos. The classes. The special leashes and collars. The treats. Oh so many treats. That’s why the founders of Canine Correspondence University are so bullish on their prospects.

“This is a huge industry, and we’re intent on disrupting it,” said founding Dean Patricia Boleyn. According the Boleyn, the CCU is a new kind of school that will save families time and money, while providing puppies with a quality education and a sense of empowerment.

The school has just graduated its first-ever class and the results are promising. The pups trained at home via books and online coursework and earned their obedience degree in a short 5 weeks.

“Not having to drive back and forth to class was a huge bonus for us,” said Claire Targus, whose dog Sparky (pictured above) was among the first round of graduates. “[Sparky] was able to do his work at home, at his own pace. We loved that and he had a lot of fun.”

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