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Daily Fluff: Chinchilla has all his holiday shopping done

He’s even finished wrapping, thanks to early shopping on Amazon and Etsy.


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Last year, Morgan the chinchilla waited until the last minute to do any of his Christmas shopping and it was incredibly stressful. This year, though, the little guy decided to get a jump on things and make sure he was done before the rush.

“Not only is he completely done with his shopping,” said Yanni Laybock, a close friend, “but the little squirt is already done wrapping everything as well. He’s making me look bad!”

Last year Morgan was running around on Christmas Eve, hitting malls and stores that stayed open late to try to pick up last-minute gifts. 

“I don’t think he really was able to enjoy the holiday at all,” said Laybock. So this year, the pint-sized fuzzball did most of his shopping online, spending the bulk of his present budget at Amazon and Etsy.

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