Daily Fluff: Photographer cat only shoots Canon

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Photographer Cat Only Shoots Canon
 Ella the cat...

Ella touts the autofocus features, which she needs for her work with Sports Illustrated.

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Ella the cat doesn’t mess around when it comes to photography equipment. The kitty, who also serves as a sports photographer for Sports Illustrated, will only shoot Canon.

“It’s all about the autofocus,” said Jan Wassner, Ella’s boss at SI. “The Dual Pixel CMOS AF makes for a faster focus speed in the live view. That’s huge when you’re photographing fast-moving action.”

Plus, Ella apparently has a pretty gigantic lens collection, and there’s no good reason to switch to a new — and incompatible — camera body when she’s already so satisfied with Canon.

There are downsides, though. The AF on some of her older lenses can be noisy enough to spook Ella while shooting. She’s lost a few potentially great shots to scary autofocus motors.

Via Alex Fitzpatrick.

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