Everyone is freaking out about this creepy close encounter caught on tape

It took men declaring dress codes sexist for people to finally listen
When boys complain about having to wear pants, it goes viral. When women complain about being shamed, silence.

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creepy Twitter video

Screengrab via Chris Melberger/Twitter


There’s something actually unnerving about the first few seconds of this video that’s been retweeted over 5,000 times in the last 12 hours. A man in a plaid shirt stands alone outside someone’s house, his eyes as cold and vacant as the night itself. 

But like a scene from a horror film, everything changes in an instant. I don’t want to spoil it. 

If you’re having trouble playing it on mobile, here’s a YouTube mirror: 

Chris Melberger, the comedian behind the video, said on Reddit that he wasn’t worried about getting arrested or show when dressing up like a creepy clown. “woman at walmart rolled her eyes and was like ‘oh another one,’ he wrote. “guess there have been multiple sales recently.”

H/T Reddit

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