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‘I thought stealing electricity was a crime’: Woman catches contractors taking her electricity

"Last month my bill went from $200 to almost $400 because they’re using my electricity to complete a project.'


Luna Danielle

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 21, 2023

A recent TikTok video showing contractors using the electricity of a neighboring home has gone viral. 

In a video posted by Los Angeles-based TikToker Latoya Abron (@lathelyfe), she says she found contractors using her home’s exterior electrical outlets. The video shows a long wire coming from a home construction site connected to Abron’s outlet.

Abron voices her frustration, explaining how her electrical bill doubled in price in the last month.

@lathelyfe Contractors, stealing electricity from my house. #lathelyfe #newconstructionhome #newhome #builder ♬ original sound – LA TheLyfe

“So I was frustrated because last month my bill went from $200 to almost $400 with my electricity bill because they’re using my electricity to complete a project. They’re building a home,” Abron says.

The content creator also says she’s made calls about the situation. 

“I called the builder to let him know what’s going on, I have not heard back yet, and I also called the police,” Abron says. “But they told me I couldn’t make a report…”

The Daily Dot reached out to Abron via TikTok direct message.

Viewers were appalled by the situation and suggested ways for Abron to handle it going forward.


“Call the power company, that’s considered theft,” another suggests.

“I would cut that cord every time they plug it in! The nerve of some people…smh,” a user vents.

In follow-up videos, Abron responded to comments advising her to either cut or unplug the cord of the contractor. 

@lathelyfe Replying to @tmarier01 #newconstructionhome #newhome ♬ original sound – LA TheLyfe

“I didn’t unplug it because I wasn’t the one to plug it in,” Abron says. “Secondly, I went and got the contractor and I had him unplug it since that is his profession, not mine.”

Abron also explained why she couldn’t file a police report. She says an officer met with her but advised Abron that she would have to bring her issue up in civil court.

@lathelyfe When the police arrived. #lathelyfe #newconstructionhomes #newhouse #builder #police #zyxcba ♬ original sound – LA TheLyfe

“I thought stealing electricity was a crime, but maybe it operates a little different out here,” Abron says.

Abron goes on to say the officer asked for her identification but not the identification of the contractors. 

Commenters again rallied behind Abron, expressing their dissatisfaction and providing more advice.

“You’re nicer than me, I’d unplug that damn thing and cut the tip off so they can’t plug it back in and pitch the rest of the cord back on their side,” a user comments.

“Contact your electric provider,” another says.

“They’ve been using your power since the start of the build sister,” a commenter says. “Hope you’ve demanded payment for the overage charges?!”

Abron says she’ll be investing in an outlet lock per the advice of a commenter and that there has been no update from the builder of the construction site.

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*First Published: Feb 21, 2023, 6:19 pm CST