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At this church service, the power of EDM compels you

Nothing yanks the devil out of you quite like Noisia’s “Stigma.”


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

It’s once again the season of Lent. All across the world, certain Christian denominations are marking the 40-day period that precedes Easter Sunday by giving up meat, chocolate, Facebook, and other vices.

Electronica music, on the other hand, isn’t being sacrificed at all.

YouTube user airloaf has taken his worship to intense—and outrageously funny—levels with the “Baptazia: Super Sunday” series of videos. The videos mash divine electronica prophets like DJ Clipz and Master x with footage of, shall we say, very spirited Pentecostal worship services.

The result? Hilarious sacrilege.

The “Baptazia: Super Sunday” videos, which have more than a million views each, have been enjoyed by the YouTube community since 2008.

While massive congregations and highly zealous pastors have proven effective at casting out demons, nothing yanks the devil out of you quite like Noisia’s “Stigma.”

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