chris evans

Screengrab via Digital Spy/YouTube

He always does.

Chris Evans: part-time superhero and full-time hunk who loves to touch his pecs (his left pec, to be specific) whenever he laughs.

No, seriously—it’s a thing.

Thanks to Imgur user coolmcdude, you can now see every time Evans has caressed his own chest while guffawing at something someone else said.

Like here.

Or here.

And here.

Also here.

Here, too.

Another time he touched his left pec while laughing:

He just can’t help himself.

Finally, the rare double-pec touch.

Now do you believe us? Yeah, we were disbelief too, expecting at least one of these GIFs to not show Evans honking his own boob. But time and time again, we were proven wrong.

As for why Evans always does this, well…

Kudos to the sharp-eyed fans who helped us realize something that we probably would’ve never noticed—and now can never unsee.

Oh, and if you want to make Evans laugh yourself? Try pizza.

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