People think this Charles Manson donut is in bad taste


Throughout the year, Portland, Oregon’s famous Voodoo Doughnut has honored celebrities who have died—including Prince, Tom Petty, and Fats Domino—by immortalizing them as a delicious donut.

But customers say the business crossed the line with a donut honoring Charles Manson, the cult leader and criminal who died on Sunday.

The donut shop tweeted an image of their concoction on Monday along with the comment, “Not celebrating. Villains die too.” The tweet was deleted after the company received an influx of “WTF???” messages.

Twitter users pointed out it was insensitive of the business to commemorate the death of a man responsible for killing at least seven people and compared the Manson donut to celebrating Hitler.

Since deleting the tweets, Voodoo hasn’t made any additional comments about the donut. On Tuesday it shared its newest pastry—this one in honor of David Cassidy’s death.

It’s unclear if the Manson donuts remained for sale or were trashed.

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle is a reporter who focuses on politics, lifestyle, and streaming entertainment. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Texas Monthly, the Austin American-Statesman, Damn Joan, and Community Impact Newspaper. She’s also a portrait, events, and live music photographer in Central Texas.