cat driving car (l) cat driving car with caption 'HOW WE USED TO FIND THE ADDRESS' (c) cat driving car (r)

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‘What audio is this’: A cat driving a car is taking over TikTok

A white cat driving a car is the app’s new trending meme.


Sayou Cooper

Internet Culture

There is a new cat meme on TikTok, a driving cat to be exact.

“Me pulling up to the drive thru with $21.71 in my account until payday,” @i_m.your.huckleberry_ captioned their video. With 2.4 million views, this TikToker is one of many recreating the trending meme.

@i_m.your.huckleberry_ #CapCut Cause if it's one thing ima do it's eat! 😂😂 #funny #catdriving #fyp #viral #foryoupage ♬ original sound – i_m.your.huckleberry_

Cat driving a car TikTok meme

According to Know Your Meme, the cat driving a car meme originated with TikTok creator Shaina Culpepper in 2023. Culpepper often uploads videos of driving lessons with her cat. Surprisingly, her cat is behind the steering wheel.

@culpepurrr Before GPS the struggle was real… #olddays #ancient #90s #funny #comedу #drivingcat #foryou ♬ Be My Lover – La Bouche

Although it’s debatable if such a hobby is safe, the content is a funny favorite for many. Eventually, one of Louie’s driving videos was cropped into a green screen template with a text overlay. Usually funny and relatable captions. Accompanied by the loud stereo blasting of musician MO3’s “Outside,” the meme was born.

“Me leaving for my 8am work shift at 7:59am”, @xx_jd09 captioned their video. The post has more than 456,000 views.

@xx_jd09 At least i showed up✋🏾😭 #sleepin #trend #catdrivingcar ♬ original sound – StreetMoney Fatt

“My boyfriend taking me to get nuggies after I was screaming, crying, throwing up over a minor inconvenience and he knew I was just hangry,” @bubblesworlddd said. The TikToker’s relatable sentiment was viewed more than 2 million times.

@bubblesworlddd & my love for him reactivates the second i eat a nuggie🤭 • #catdriving #catmeme #boyfriendvibes #trendingcapcuttemplate ♬ It's Getting Hot – NLE Choppa

May the cat memes continue. And if you can’t get enough, enjoy this long compilation that someone put together on YouTube:

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