baseball cat: cat shown at marlins game

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A cat on the field was the real winner of a Miami Marlins game

The cat was the most athletic person on the diamond last night.


David Covucci

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Early season baseball is an extremely uneventful affair. After the joy of opening day subsides, fans wait until the warmer months to start attending more regularly. Players just hope to make it out of chilly April without an injury. And in a 162-game season, not much you do in the first 30 days will have a long-term effect on where you wind up in late September.

So we take our joys where we can get them. Like when a cat shows up on the field at Marlins Park in Miami.

When play was halted to corral it last night, the cat made a move.

Tell me that leap up the wall isn’t the MLB highlight of the year so far.

The cat took up residence at the top of a light-up sculpture the Marlins use to celebrate home runs, which they suspended use of in deference to the cat.

The team’s official Twitter account even had a naming contest.

As of right now, Don Cattingly is the top choice. Eventually, the cat was rescued, but then it escaped again.

I take back what I said earlier. Early season baseball is the best.

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