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‘I now have a car I can’t drive’: Car light comes on 10 minutes after Carvana customer leaves with new car

'Former employee here. I would never buy a car from Carvana.'


Cecilia Lenzen

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 21, 2022

A Carvana customer said the company refused to fix her car after it sold it to her with the wrong tires, and a warning light popped up 10 minutes after she began driving it.

In a TikTok storytime posted on Tuesday, Tera (@itstotallynottera) detailed her car-buying experience with Carvana, an online used car retailer that is known for its multi-story car vending machines and for buying and selling cars virtually.

In the video, Tera said a warning light turned on on her car’s dash just 10 minutes after she first started driving her new vehicle. It is unclear if she was able to test drive the car before buying it.

She said she wasn’t happy with the light but thought it would be an easy fix. As she began inspecting the car, she saw that the tires looked “really small” and “goofy.” After checking what size the tires were supposed to be, she realized they were indeed the wrong size. She said one of the tires had a “pretty deep” gash in it, and one of them was a different brand from the other.

Tera said she called Carvana but claimed the company refused to replace her tires with a properly fitting set.

“So I now have a car I can’t drive because it’s all-wheel drive, and I will mess up the drivetrain,” she said. “Um, what the fuck?”

She added that she spoke with a Carvana representative for an hour and learned that the company’s seven-day, money-back guarantee doesn’t cover shipping costs and time.

@itstotallynottera My car buying experience with Carvana #carvana #carvanaexperience #carvanafail ♬ original sound – Totally not Tera

Despite Tera’s frustration, some viewers commented that she put herself in that situation by choosing to buy from Carvana.

“Your first mistake was buying a car from Carvana,” one viewer commented.

“Former employee here. I would never buy a car from Carvana. Never. Ever. Never,” a second viewer wrote.

“Buying a car from a vending machine should of been the first,” a third said.

In a reply comment, Tera wrote, “It absolutely wasn’t my first choice but they deliver & I could do it all online when work/not having a car make it difficult to go in anywhere.”

Others encouraged Tera to return the car, saying that the tires may be only the beginning of a string of issues with the car.

“Eat the cost of shipping and get out,” one user advised.

“You have 7 days to say you don’t want the car. Return it now!” another user urged.

“Return it. the tires are only the beginning,” a third commented. Tera replied, “That’s what I’m thinking. Idk what else they overlooked if they didn’t get this right.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Tera via TikTok comment and to Carvana via email.

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2022, 5:43 pm CST