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This Cartoon Animator software + training will drive your creativity

Make some art—it's good for your health!


Lauren Forgione

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 5, 2020

Creativity is well known for being beneficial to your health and wellness, whether in times of crisis like the COVID pandemic or during the calmest of seasons. It offers things like stress relief, increased confidence, and improved self-awareness, among others. So whether you’re into art as a hobby or it’s what you do for a living, there’s never a bad time to learn a new medium or dive deeper into the one you already know and love. If animation is your idea of a good time (and, yes, we are counting GIFs whether or not they’re of the flashing variety), check out this Complete Cartoon Animator 4 PRO bundle. 

With a version for Windows and a version for Mac, no matter what your computer of preference, you’ll be able to enjoy learning and creating with this package of top-reviewed animation software and online training that will help you get the most from it. 

Cartoon Animator 4, formerly known as CrazyTalk Animator, is award-winning 2D animation software that’s optimized for both ability of entry and productivity. You’ll be able to bring images to life, create animations from scratch, and and see your creative vibes flow like never before. With unparalleled control in creating animations for videos, websites, games, apps, and presentations, there’s almost no limit to what you can make.

Talking characters, visual effects, lip-sync animation generated from audio, even 3D parallax scenes—it’s all within reach with Cartoon Animator. In addition, you can do things like quickly transform a 2D face into a 3D head, access a pro-level motion library for all kinds of creatures, design detailed facial expressions, turn text into speech, and even combine props and link SFX.

If all of that sounds pretty freakin awesome but also pretty freakin intimidating, don’t fret. The companion training included in this bundle totally has you covered. 

The Cartoon Animator 4 3-in-1 eLearning Training will help you learn things like good timing, efficient facial animation, and animating frame-by-frame special effects, plus it will teach you everything you need to know to get started. The helpful videos included were designed by 2D Animation 101, an online school that specializes in helping beginners to learn animation, with more than 50,000+ students in over 186 countries.

From how the interface works and understanding the different panels to getting your head around tools like Bone Animation and Face Puppet, the 55 lectures in this training are great for beginners or anyone who could use a refresher. By the end of the six hours of content, you’ll know how to bring all elements together in Cartoon Animator to create some really impressive artwork.

Available for both Mac and Windows, the Complete Cartoon Animator 4 PRO Bundle is on sale now for $69.99, a savings of 64%.

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*First Published: Jun 5, 2020, 1:20 pm CDT