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NFL’s Drew Stanton performs amazingly awkward celebration dance

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s moves were also outstanding.


Josh Katzowitz

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Drew Stanton is a backup quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, and over the course of his eight-year career, he’s played in just 23 games. But almost certainly the biggest impact he’s made this season—and the thing that will survive on the Internet long after he’s retired—is the move he pulled after Arizona running back Andre Ellington’s 48-yard touchdown run sealed a victory against the Seahawks on Sunday night.

Actually, it was a bunch of moves. The kind that could have been developed by the spawn of John Travolta and Gregory Hines. The kind that would have made Fred and Ginger jealous. The kind that would have made Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey work even harder.

It’s unclear if there’s a name for Stanton’s routine, so we’ll just call it awesome.

Favorite part? The ending. When, despite using up all that energy with his arms waving and his legs pumping down the sideline, Stanton still finished with a Rockettes-like straight-legged kick to punctuate the effort.

Not to be outdone, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton also showcased his dancing. And did fantastically trolled the Titans in the process.

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Here’s the explanation from Newton.

Also …

As for Stanton, here’s what USA Today reported from the postgame locker room.

“He’s been working on that for a while,” starting quarterback Carson Palmer said, intercepting a question from USA TODAY Sports.

“Yeah. It’s practice. It’s all premeditated,” Stanton deadpanned …

So what was the move?

“You can’t even explain it,” Stanton said. “It was just raw emotion. I don’t know.”

“It’s not premeditated,” Palmer said. “It’s being an artist. It’s letting your celebration take control. Not controlling your celebration. Being out of control.”

“Not limiting it to any one dance,” Stanton said.

“You’re an artist,” Palmer said.

“Obviously,” Stanton replied.

“It’s not premeditated,” Palmer said. “It just happens. You can’t explain it.”

As for Sunday’s dance-off winner? Give points to Newton for his trolling and points to Stanton for his spontaneity and creativity. Overall, though, it’s a draw—so let’s hope for a rematch between the two next week. 

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