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You probably don’t have as much swag as these dancing owls

Is there a Grammy for best contemporary owl performance? Because we found the winners.


Rae Votta

Internet Culture

Take two burrowing owls, add a track by Aquadrop, capture the whole thing on a GoPro, and you have the cutest music-video moment of 2015. Someone get these dancing owls on MTV, stat.

The dynamic duo appear in a video on GoPro’s YouTube channel. After a homeowner drives away for the day, these owls get their groove on in the yard. It’s a little disingenuous to call this “dancing owls,” plural, however. The owl up front is definitely getting his groove on more than the owl in the background, who might in fact be taking a nap.

Of course, these owls can only dance for so long; eventually they need to figure out exactly what a GoPro is, and if they can eat it.

H/T LaughingSquid | Screengrab via GoPro/YouTube

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