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The explosion at a bull semen factory generated a lot of obvious jokes

Firefighters had to dodge ‘projectiles’.


Siobhan Ball

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In news no one ever expected to read about, a bull semen factory in Australia caught fire on Tuesday and exploded. A bull semen factory, for those wondering, is actually more of a semen storage facility that also performs artificial insemination of cows—in this case, at least, the actual semen collection process happens elsewhere. The explosions were caused by the cryogenically frozen cylinders of bull semen pressurizing due to the heat, forcing the lids off and the contents out at high speed. The fire took ten hours to extinguish, with the firefighters in “defensive mode” to protect themselves from the bull semen projectiles.

Naturally, everyone lost their mind upon hearing the news. The jokes pretty much wrote themselves.




There were almost too many choices for headline writers.


More than one person saw a Chernobyl remake in this.

Of course, there were puns.



Twitter user @jamesgraham drew attention to the amazing coincidence that was the Vagina Museum opening on the very same day.

And finally, @Iheartnoise may have the best take on the entire matter: “The entire 2019 feels like massive semen explosion at the bull factory.”

Big mood @Iheartnoise, big mood.


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