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The ‘buff guys on laptops’ meme is here to offer some wholesome advice

Is this the new ‘American Chopper’ meme?


Esther Bell

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The latest wholesome meme format to circulate is…buff guys on computers? The internet has started memeing buff guys on computers being bros to politely share information and support others.

Buff guys on computers are used in two different formats. According to Know Your Meme, the original format used a buff guy to confirm hobbies or personality traits with the caption “why yes, how could you tell?”

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Popular bodybuilders used in these memes are men referred to as GigaChad, Flex Lewis, and Mike O’Hearn, among other buff guys.

The buff guy meme slowly morphed into the buff guy on a computer meme, which is used to share wholesome content, and can often be attributed to anime fans, gamers, avid readers or other online communities not typically associated with bodybuilding.

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The latest version of the buff guy meme uses multiple buff guys on laptops to explain concepts to a skinny guy on a laptop. This meme format is also used by many groups, not necessarily the bodybuilding community.

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Ultimately the best way to describe the buff guy meme is using the buff guy meme itself.

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The buff guys on laptops meme is reminiscent of last year’s viral American Chopper meme, which depicted a father and son in an argument. That meme also involved multiple panels that people captioned to create different arguments. But the buff guys meme uses slightly longer captions. That is understandable, considering the fact that the characters in these memes are uses computers to communicate with one another. The buff guys meme hasn’t taken off in a big way yet—as American Chopper did. But there’s still time.

And there are already variations of the meme that use images besides the original stock photos.



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