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Screengrab via burnedyourtweet/Twitter

Everyone loves this bot that prints out Donald Trump’s tweets and burns them

This bot quite literally roasts Donald Trump’s really bad tweets.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

It is well known now that—sort of the antithesis of all dogs being good dogs—all tweets are bad tweets.

But aside from the occasional “look at this shit” quote-tweet, most bad tweets do not get the roasting they truly deserve.

Until now.

A new Twitter bot (and Twitter robot) is printing out bad tweets and literally lighting them on fire. Literally.

That is satisfying.

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You may notice a certain liberal bias with this bot—even the robots are Democrats (this is actually sort of true)—and that is correct. Right now, the bot is only printing out Donald Trump’s tweets and setting them on fire.

Which is fair—they are bad. But honestly, we really need a couple hundred million of these, basically one for each Twitter user, so we can just burn every single tweet the moment it is published.

That would be best.

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