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Help this man call Bill O’Reilly a b***h by donating to his GoFundMe

A cause worth supporting.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

Lots of people hate Bill O’Reilly. But who among us is brave enough to do something about their disdain? Yedoye Travis.

The heroic man has launched a GoFundMe to financially back his plan of calling O’Reilly a bitch to his face. Since he lives in New York City, Travis plans on taking the subway to Rockefeller Center (where the infamous gremlin hosts the O’Reilly Factor) and deliver the message in person.

He writes on the GoFundMe page:

So I figured $3 for a single ride on the subway and then I just…wait for him to come out? It’s really more symbolic. I just want to call this dude a bitch so bad. Anyway, I’ll record it if I find him. It’ll be pretty tight. Thanks for your support!

His campaign has been wildly successful, far surpassing his goal of $3 for the subway fare within a couple of days. With the help of 10 people, Travis has raised a whopping $100. That means he can probably roll up to the studio in style in, say, a fancy Uber black car or one of those horse-drawn carriages from Central Park.

Travis has really inspired his supporters. One backer throwing down $5 writes, “Thank you for your bravery. I’ve been saying for years now ‘man, I wish somebody would call Bill O’Reilly a bitch to his face’ but I never really thought this day would come. God Speed.”

One of the GoFundMe’s biggest donors contributed $20 and writes, “In this time of political chaos we need Yedoye to stand up and call shitbag Bill a ‘bitch.’”

It’s clear that Travis has really found a cause worth backing. And apparently he might even record it. Let’s get that on Fox News.

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