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If only Jonathan Toews had seen his shadow instead.

February has sucked for Americans. First we got stuck with six more weeks of winter because an oversized rodent saw its shadow, and now we’re getting stuck with indefinite amounts of Justin Bieber, all because a Chicago billboard lost a bet with itself. Thanks, guys.

The U.S.’s 0-1 semifinal loss to Canada in the Olympics hockey competition yesterday was already disappointing enough on its own. But prior to the match, Chicago company Command Transportation decided to up the ante:

Photo via commandsign/Twitter

The Eden Expressway in Chicago is notorious for being grueling and rage-inducing, which is probably why these guys bought a billboard prominently overlooking the sea of traffic and devoted it to a rotating series of hilarious images featuring memes, pop culture references, and lots of sports.

But the Olympics board—which proved to be a two-parter—is obviously their most viral win yet. And no wonder, given that Americans appear to be desperate to get the Bieb out of the country. Recently a quarter million of us signed an official White House petition to deport the partying rockstar back to his birth nation.

But if roadside signage can be binding, Canada is now officially Bieber free, after the team skated past the U.S. team to go on to compete against Sweden for the gold medal today.

Meanwhile, the Command sign got a bitter update:

Photo via commandsign/Twitter

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