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Best friends recreate Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s classic selfies

Reenacting the best celebrity Twitpics of all time.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

If you follow Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen on Twitter, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that the two actors are best friends. On top of their shared history as X-Men rivals (and British Knights), they’re co-starring in two Broadway shows right now… and taking hilarious selfies all over New York, while they’re at it.

Thanks to their legendary BFF status, Stewart and McKellen’s Twitpics (latest update: the two actors sharing a Thanksgiving turkey) have gone viral and spawned their own imitators in the form of two friends named Matt Renton and John Wybar.

In various locations around London, they’ve been recreating Stewart and McKellen’s most popular selfies, including their “Homies Forever” photo and Stewart’s infamous picture of himself wearing a lobster costume in the bath.

With @Easy_Weebzy at The Monument vs. @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen

— Matt Renton (@oil_of_oleg) November 10, 2013

Basically, there is no way to look at these photos without wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this first?” 

Coney Souvenir with @Easy_Weebzy vs. @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen

— Matt Renton (@oil_of_oleg) November 10, 2013

Jogging! (London Bridge) with @Easy_Weebzy vs. @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen

— Matt Renton (@oil_of_oleg) November 10, 2013

Corn on the cob is out of season… with @Easy_Weebzy vs. @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen

— Matt Renton (@oil_of_oleg) November 10, 2013

One thing’s for certain: if your friendship measures up to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s, then you must be doing something right. 

Photo via oil_of_oleg/Twitter

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